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Hi, I’m Emelia, this is my site to help those in need of tips, tricks, coping methods and techniques to help with mental health and more!

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  • A little bit about me 🤍
    Hi, and welcome to my blog. This is my first time blogging and hopefully a fun, new and fulfilling experience! I am so excited to start writing posts and hopefully gain a few likes and follows along the way. In this post I will be introduced myself, along with my mental health struggles. I’m so excited for this journey to begin! About my mental health In the past I have had major mental health issues, and still continue to today. I got diagnosed at an older age than most that I suffer from ADHD. I was also diagnosed with majorContinue reading “A little bit about me 🤍”

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Hi, I’m Em! I love sharing my own experiences and tips to help others with feeling a whole lot happier! Hopefully my blog will help everyone see things in different perspectives and work on having a calm and clearer mind!

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